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Grand Duo

The Grand Duo appears in a plethora of performances and recordings each year.

clarinet & piano duo

Since their reunion in London in 2010, Michał Wesołowski (clarinet) and Małgorzata Czapor (piano) have been successfully recording and performing together as Grand Duo. They have worked closely with Polish Culture Institute and provided music soundtracks for film documentaries. They have also made appearances in world premiere recordings of composer Dinos Constantinides. In 2013 they were awarded 2nd prize at the renowned ‘Concours International Leopold Bellan’ competition which has been held in Paris since 1926.


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Michał Wesołowski (clarinet) began his music life playing violin and clarinet at the age of 7. He continued his clarinet studies at the Academy of Music in Gdansk, Poland where he was soon praised as one of the most innovative young musical minds of his generation. The Academy was also where Michał met his future duet partner, Małgorzata, with whom he has been performing as ‘Grand Duo’ since 2009. After graduating with a special distinction, Michał received numerous scholarships of the Polish Ministry of Culture and decided to further his clarinet mastership in Porto, Portugal. Since then, Michał has settled in London and his musical ventures have taken him around Europe, Asia and the Americas with both individual and orchestral concerts. In his spare time, Michał loves exploring the works of European impressionists, Russian classics as well as the eclectic maze of modern American music.


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Małgorzata Czapor (piano) was born into a family of renowned Polish musicians and has been playing piano since the age of 5. As a prodigal child gifted with a rare ability of absolute pitch she graduated from the Academy of Music in Gdansk. Małgorzata toured extensively with her chamber music trio performing across the Americas as well as in Europe. She then decided to continue her musical path at London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama where, as a recipient of various scholarships, she further mastered piano accompaniment. Małgorzata regularly worked with celebrated pianists and in 2010 she received a ‘Guildhall Artist’ degree. Currently, aside from touring with ‘Grand Duo’, Małgorzata collaborates with University College Hampstead in London. In her spare time she loves jazz as well as immersing herself in the genius of Chopin.


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